Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Love Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Love - Assignment Example The main activities of the program that will be undertaken within Bonnie Brae Residential Facility include counseling, parental training, individual and group mentoring among others. Some of the key parties that this project will rely on are parents, clinical officers, law enforcers, mentors, local support agencies, residential staffs and members of the community. With the financial assistance from the federal government, the program is focused at attaining positive outcomes that include improved skills, behavior change, high self esteem, determination and increased income for the adolescent males. Proper planning, controlling, management and effective coordination are some of the major aspects that determine the success of a project. One of the duties of a project manager is to oversee proper use of financial resources that are given by federal government or grant making foundations. In addition, project managers must ensure that the objectives of their projects are in line with the needs of the target population. In this way, projects will enjoy the support of the members of the community as well as the government. Based on the wide range of activities that are undertaken to make a project successful, it is paramount for regular evaluation of the goals to avoid deviation and loss of resources. In the contemporary world juvenile delinquency has become a major security threat. In their efforts to curb the negativities associated with illegal behaviors by young people, various rehabilitation centers have been established. Although government authorities allocate adequate funds to oversee the running of the treatment centers, crime rate in many countries remain high. This means that there is a gap that exists in the process of transforming the young people to become responsible adult. This paper analyzes the major aspects that will be covered by a program that aims at improving

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